There's a Snake In That Bush

Monday, March 28, 2016

I can't stress this enough....
There isn't enough time in the day especially in Preparation day.
ESPECIALLY during email time.
THAT BEING SAID I'm so sorry that I'm abusing this blog and my emails
and our friendships. I still love you. So much so so much.

ANYWAY LIKE 2 weeks ago we were knocking on a potentials door
(potential= potential investigator of the church) and all of a sudden sister Rowley
looks down at the bush that is like 3 inches away from me and goes
"Sister Sosa, there's a snake in that bush" ... I DIE... well I don't die .. but I literally
freeze and just want to die... and I start backing away and panicking and I start
saying "Sister Rowley I cant, I cant " and I run way hahahahaha.
BUT GUESS WHAT! I DIDN'T EVEN CRY! The only reason I didn't cry
is because I was in total shock haha. But no, we totally booked it.
I then ask Sister Rowley how many snakes she's seen on her mission and she
says 2... -_____- one was dead.... and this is my first transfer. UGH

ANYWAY. So do ya'll remember how excited I was to learn that I was speaking English?
Well I've actually used my Spanish a lot on my mission more than I've been comfortable with..
We were inspired to knock on a door and met a man named David .. he didn't speak much
English but just enough to speak with both me and Sister Rowley both... we told
him about the Gospel and the blessings it could bring to him and his family.

He seemed to like what we told him and kept telling us to go see his wife
We said okay and he gave us her number and address.
We went to go see her and we come to find out
she did not speak any English at all... GREAT -____-
She's nice and tells us she has 10 mins GREAT -___-
WELL, we decide we can do it teach the restoration (the first lesson)
in Spanish with the spirit there.  So she invited us in.
For the first part of the lesson it's just Sister Rowley teaching and me
translating .... awkwardly ... we finally get to the first vision.... and Sister Rowley just looks
at me like it's my turn to teach.... so I start with "jose smith" and after that I don't remember much
until I ask her in Spanish, of course, "Morena, how do you feel right now?"
and she turns to me and says "I feel great, I think it's great that God can answer our prayers." At this point I'm trying my hardest not to cry but I think its happening haha and I feel prompted to ask her to be baptized and totally do and she says yes! Ahhh totally taught that lesson by the spirit !

Morena is amazing! Unfortunately we have to pass her off to the Spanish elders because I do not know how to say things like priesthood in Spanish ... but then I learned that the real teacher is the spirit, not us.... I am only an instrument in this great work of my Heavenly Father.

Every night me and my companion play a game. We ask each other what instrument we were that day. One we might be a piano or a trumpet... if you don't answer fast enough, you weren't anything lol. jk... but seriously. The work is so great.

GUYS I'VE BEEN OUT FOR A MONTH + time flies when your boss is Heavenly Father!
On my ONE month I made my companion and I eggs and bacon :P

How was your Easter ?!

MINE WAS TERRIBLE! I was bed ridden. I got a flu and was vomiting! And everything went st8 thru me ! Ugh luckily I have some amazing members in my ward who passed by and brought my amazing companion (who took really good care of me ) an Easter dinner and saltines and Gatorade for me.
So I hope yours was better.

Lets remember what Easter really is about though, shall we?

and here are some pics I promised !




Tuesday, March 15, 2016

guys.... wow the mtc was real 
 it was fun .. it was real fun 
But oh boy am i glad to be out. 


First of all Peyton Manning retired??
Saw that coming. Mark Sanchez? UGH
WHATEVER. Focus Sister Sosa focus.
We woke up sooo late to report to the travel
office lol.. but not as late as some other missionaries
we actually left them there. they still made it though
Honestly the whole ride to Salt Lake was a nightmare.
I was ready to call it quits. I don't understand why they
don't make it easy and take us straight there.. Oh i know why
They want us to learn... Or something..
Well they take you on the bus drop you off at some train ..
 then to another
train and the whole time you're lugging around all your luggage and asking yourself why in the world you brought 27 skirts nooo bueno and your crying because its so cold and like 5 in the morning. and more than anything i wished the Elders from my district were there because
 they would have helped me and you're still thinking about how hard it was to say bye and how you hope they got on their plane
and how sweet little elder Quist reminded you of your little
brother :'( so we finally get to the airport check in our stuff take a
breather and wow the whole time im praying in my head for strength
because honestly there is no other way i did that alone.
My bags were soooo heavy.* Also i got most fashionable in the MTC thanks to my frenssss. ;) *
focus focus
so we get to our gate and guess we see OUR ELDERS!!!!!
TENDER MERCIES!!!! wasnt i just wishing we would see them just once more??!! they are just about to board their flight to mesa AZ. it was so great. and i dont even cry. im just so happy to see them haha.
It just shows me that my Heavenly Father is so aware of me and
knows us and knows exactly what we need to be comforted after
the storm.
LANDED IN BMORE!!! there was a bunch of turbulence on the flight so i just slept through it to not be so scared. haha. and the weather was actually a lot like california weather when we got here. as soon as we got here the pres his wife and the assistants to the presidents greeted us and helped us with our bags and drove us to the mission home.
GORGEOUS. all i wanted to do was sleep... but nope. Interviews.
My mission president and his wife are AWESOME. i got to know her a little on the car ride . we had a devotional and an amazing home cooked meal when we got there. When president interviewed me after i was done crying my eyes out(typical) -___- he asked me if i had any questions for him.. i asked him if i had to cover my tattoos. He said no. Thats who you were. And personally I didnt even notice them I know that they will help whoever you are teaching know that youre past doesnt matter. :) 

The next day I met my trainer/companion sister Rowley. Shes super cool. Its her last transfer and we found out we were serving in Charlestown West Virginia. And that we are shotguning (reopening) the area. UM HELP
We get to our townhouse and oh em gee. HUGE, scary mostly huge. its just the two of us. But the neighborhood is full of members that are so loving and welcoming. Everyone asked if i speak spanish BTW -___-
Sooo i keep getting scared that they'll change my assignment. 
The ward is so welcoming. One of the members even said " you sisters were an answer to our prayers"
Me and sister Rowley dont know why they took sisters out of charlestown but we are so happy to be here. 
we went to get gas at a 7-11 and some guy comes up to our window and was like "hey are yall selling something or what?"
we were like no were missionaries come to church tomorrow " hes like "alright"
salvation is free my friend.
we exchanged numbers and it was great. 
we are getting our house blessed tonight because well we just are... 
some days i wake up and forget were i am... im REALLY tired... Mission life is NOT easy.. but its possible. I cant stress this enough
Through Christ atonement not only can we be cleansed from our sin but we can also draw strength... i can do hard things. I can do anything, through him. I love my savior. He loves me. Im so blessed that he CHOSE ME. me stephanie. to wear his name on my heart to represent him. as i am. tattoos visable on my hands. to bring some soul to repantance. im so grateful. I LOVE YOU GUYS I MISS YOU
ALMA 29:9 i love it i live it i know it 
ps oh the poo part was i stepped on poo and i wasnt even mad cause of the miracles.. hahaha 


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week one dragged ... Week 2 flew byyy! 
Can you believe I leave for Baltimore tomorrow morning 
I'm talking real early like...4 am. PANIC. no it's fine. 
It's gonna be alright. You know why? Because I have  learned sooooo much here. 
The MTC taught me my PURPOSE as a missionary. This place was truly a great experience for me
I laughed I cried.. I CRIED some more. Haha ya'll know me.. I'm such a baby. 
Send me tissues if you don't know what to send me. 
Um lets get real for a sec
You know that spiritual high they talk about at the MTC? It's so real. 
Theres no way to not feel it. Everywhere you go. The spirit is truly there. It hits you in the face. 
I'm not gonna lie some days were really hard.. I'd wake up asking myself what the heck 
I signed up for and why the heck am I awake at 6 am ... and why am I sharing a room with 
3 other girls that are all under the age of 20.. but on those days. I would pray... pray to know 
to truly know. My purpose. To help others come unto christ. 
Ladies and Gentlemen. This is not about me.. this is not my mission. This is his mission. 
We had a devotional on the first of the month and Elder Neilson of the 70 was the speaker and something he said really hit me.. Remember Lot's wife.. 
Now for those of you who don't know that story... Lot's wife turned back, and she was told not too...
She was told to keep looking forward. 
Now I know that if it was not for Christ atonement, I'd be a pillar of salt. Lets be honest... 
How many times have we been on the path and looked back at our old habits.. ..
I am Lot's wife. I struggle with my baggage. I look back.. the point is, from now on I will look forward or at least do my best to remember Lot's wife. 

No need to tell ya'll how much I've bonded with my district. They are just awesome people and I'm grateful for inspired MTC leaders because I know I was suppose to meet every single one of them.
Saying goodbye will be hard. I know I've gained 7 new lifelong friends.
I'm grateful for my teachers but I've learned more from these guys than I've ever learned since I've joined the church. Their testimonies built mine so much. 
Also the elders all fart in class soo thats that. 
The second day I got really sick and congested and the Elders and gave me the most beautiful priesthood blessing. #BONDEDFUREVER. 

The church is true My Savior lives and He atoned for all of us so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. 

For everyone who sent me letters and emails and and packages (COOKIES) while at the MTC thank you. I felt so loved. 
That seriously makes a missionaries day. You have no idea. I love you ALL so much 

PS. I'M SO SORRY I CAN'T UPLOAD PICS TILL I GET ON THE FIELD. The mtc computers are ... welll  holy. ;) 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

They say if you can make it to Sunday you're good ! And well I made it to Pday! 
We went to the temple today and it was amazing!
It was a gift to be sitting in the celestial room with a room full of missionaries.
My companion's name is Sister Mangisi and she's awesome !
She's 19 and the last place she lived is Flagstaff Arizona but she was born in Newport Beach
I'm the oldest person in my district -_____ -
I already knew that was going to happen
The second oldest person is the district leader and he's 22.
But other than that I'm pretty much like 6 years older than errrrrbodyy.
Eh I got used to everyone telling me I was like a mom the first couple of days until they got to know me haha. I'm really not.
Anyway all 4 sisters in my district are headed to Baltimore, 2 elders are going to Hawaii and 2 are going to Arizona.
We get along as a district and I'm the only convert of the bunch. I've learned so much from them!
My companion and I got called to be Sisters Training Leaders and will be handed 2 new districts tomorrow to orient YIKES.
As a STL you get a phone... that only calls the front desk... haha no point. You also attend all the MTC presidency council meetings.
I guess it's fun stuff and some responsibility, I guess after I was interviewed they decided I was the best choice for it. Anyway. I wont lie this week has been hard. Being a missionary in the MTC is hard.... That first day was exhausting... all i wanted to do was sleep. but they don't let you. I remember getting here and being ridiculously overwhelmed by people saying"welcome to the mtc" hence ^ it actually got annoying.... The reason they all say that to you is because A) its Wednesday so new missonaries always get dropped off on Wednesdays and b) you have a giant orange dot on your name tag that screams "HEY IM NEW ITS MY FIRST DAY HERE AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ANYTHING IS" its fine. 
I made it I survived. One week down one more week to go. The Lord is soooo good I'm so blessed to be here and have this opportunity to grow in the gospel. it really hit me that I was here on sunday and we sang this hymn/song (because its not longer in the hymn book) called "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in the auditorium during a devotional . I mean can you imagine 1200+ missionaries singing that song. BOOM the spirit was there. I love you guys. Write me . I'll write back 
"Today see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those whom you can give it easily , but also those who need it so much." 

ps. Sorry this is so short  I now realize what everyone says about time and being a missionary and sorry there are no pictures. I will get you some next week promise ... maybe.
Also I lost my watch on the first day at the mtc and was sooo devastated and prayed and prayed I would find it and guess what ! I did two days later church is true! :) LOVE YOU ALL WRITE ME ! ILL WRITE BACK