Wednesday, March 2, 2016

They say if you can make it to Sunday you're good ! And well I made it to Pday! 
We went to the temple today and it was amazing!
It was a gift to be sitting in the celestial room with a room full of missionaries.
My companion's name is Sister Mangisi and she's awesome !
She's 19 and the last place she lived is Flagstaff Arizona but she was born in Newport Beach
I'm the oldest person in my district -_____ -
I already knew that was going to happen
The second oldest person is the district leader and he's 22.
But other than that I'm pretty much like 6 years older than errrrrbodyy.
Eh I got used to everyone telling me I was like a mom the first couple of days until they got to know me haha. I'm really not.
Anyway all 4 sisters in my district are headed to Baltimore, 2 elders are going to Hawaii and 2 are going to Arizona.
We get along as a district and I'm the only convert of the bunch. I've learned so much from them!
My companion and I got called to be Sisters Training Leaders and will be handed 2 new districts tomorrow to orient YIKES.
As a STL you get a phone... that only calls the front desk... haha no point. You also attend all the MTC presidency council meetings.
I guess it's fun stuff and some responsibility, I guess after I was interviewed they decided I was the best choice for it. Anyway. I wont lie this week has been hard. Being a missionary in the MTC is hard.... That first day was exhausting... all i wanted to do was sleep. but they don't let you. I remember getting here and being ridiculously overwhelmed by people saying"welcome to the mtc" hence ^ it actually got annoying.... The reason they all say that to you is because A) its Wednesday so new missonaries always get dropped off on Wednesdays and b) you have a giant orange dot on your name tag that screams "HEY IM NEW ITS MY FIRST DAY HERE AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ANYTHING IS" its fine. 
I made it I survived. One week down one more week to go. The Lord is soooo good I'm so blessed to be here and have this opportunity to grow in the gospel. it really hit me that I was here on sunday and we sang this hymn/song (because its not longer in the hymn book) called "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in the auditorium during a devotional . I mean can you imagine 1200+ missionaries singing that song. BOOM the spirit was there. I love you guys. Write me . I'll write back 
"Today see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those whom you can give it easily , but also those who need it so much." 

ps. Sorry this is so short  I now realize what everyone says about time and being a missionary and sorry there are no pictures. I will get you some next week promise ... maybe.
Also I lost my watch on the first day at the mtc and was sooo devastated and prayed and prayed I would find it and guess what ! I did two days later church is true! :) LOVE YOU ALL WRITE ME ! ILL WRITE BACK 

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