How Great Thou Art

Monday, May 9, 2016

brethern & sisteren
what a week. st8 up .
me and sister Botchway were on a emotional
roller coaster. 
Lets start off with the bad i guess. well its all good... 
eventually.. haha 
it was like sister Botchways 4th day here and i really wanted
her to meet some pretty sweet neighbors we had started 
teaching so they invited us over for dinner as always 
and we were gonna follow up on their Book of Mormon read 
and then all of a sudden their like "listen we are never gonna be 
poor sister Botchway. it was like they planned to just str8 up 
go HAM on us and tell us that they wont convert & dont 
want to feel "pushed" and that they dont think that 2 
weeks at the MTC is enough for anyone to go around 
preaching the Gospel. me and sister botchway sat there and 
took it. Stephanie wanted to come out... & tell her to stop.. 
But the spirit told sister Sosa to sit there and listen. 
oh boy... This family is seriously the sweetest family... 
always having us over always feeding us always asking us to 
teach them about what we believe... and then one day 
out of nowhere. they just let us have it.. NEXT

sooo on Friday.. The Elders decided to "give" us their 
appointment with the 'A' family & tell us they are borderline
baptism so we are like awesome maybe we can 
go sprinkle some sister missionary magic! 
first of all the Elders directions to the A FAMS house is 
"its in between the dairy queen and the enchilada place 
the yellow house and the right door" knock 3 times... ok ok 
i added the knock 3 times... but still. ridiculous... 
so we get there right.. already sketched out... and 
as soon as we get there.. the spirit is literally screaming 
at me to GET OUT. my throat got tight and i i eventually cannot 
feel it anymore.... ugh.. but we stay.. because its an appointment 
and everyone needs the Gospel. we walk in and its like a house party
ALMOST... J the mom introduces and her daughters their boyfriends and 
their kids... and people keep coming in and out of the house... J starts going through
all the missionaries shes been through and we find it really hard to start a 
conversation. and just when you think we are getting somewhere... J's cousin comes in 
and starts talking to us and by the way they are a Hispanic family i think that's 
why the Elders sent us the connection. 
and anyway F starts talking and starts going "i have alot of respect for you two ladies" 
and we are like finally someone in here who appreciates us .. but NOPE...
then out of nowhere he looks at Sister botchway and is like "a black mormon" 
"i cannot believe your religion was so desperate it started converting black people"
Sister Sosa stayed calm and testified..... that we are a world wide church. and that we are growing... he wasnt having it... sigh.... i tried changing the subject... told him my middle name was fernanda then he told me we should get married ... Ok thats when i knew we needed to go. 
My heart literally broke... for those little girls in there who wanted us there who were so excited when we walked in.. i had the biggest knot in my throat and my stomach 
hurt so bad.... you bet we got ice cream.. 
some days are bad... 
But in these experiences Ive learned that There has to be persecution in all things. 
The mission wouldn't be a mission if everyone was like the W family. 
It wouldnt be stronger if i didnt experience at least a nano bit of what 
my savior experienced. Ive realized that he is at my right side. 
The greatest missionary of all time. Christ himself. 
I thank him for these moments.. now. because he trust me 
he trust me with these people , he knows i can take it. 
i can handle it. my emotions my heart. I can hold my tears back 
until i get to the car anyway..... my love for the savior grows everyday 
that im here because im beginning to learn what Gethsemane really is. 
What it really took. and what he did for me. for you for us. for the A family. 
for that. I wont give up on anyone. Just like he didn't give up on me. 

SISTERS, happy mothers day... i hope everyone got to relaXXX. i know 
mine was amazing. i got to talk to my mom and dad and grandmothers and 
liddo brother. such a tender mercy. we didnt get to skype but there is always 
christmas! I miss my family so much! But i know im here so other families can be together

i ALSO got to talk to miss margarita ( elder evangelistas mom) and his sister 
and when i skyped them jose was skyping at the same time... AWK 
i got to see his face for a SHY minute. 
Hes speaking english & im speaking spanish... i know god has a sense of humor. 
did the god ol' switch arooo on us. 
IS ALLLL GOOD IN charlestown tho.. dont even worry bout me. 

my heart is FULL. 
AND THERE IS SO SO SO MUCH FOMO (fear of missing out) 
going on right now. UGH but 
im saving souls is all i gotta remember. 
i just wish i could be there for my beautiful fren. 
and with that said i want to wish her a Happy mothers day 
Leticia you are an amazing mother. I cannot wait to raise our pups together

MY HEART SINGSSSSS! i  ammm soooo honored to be an instrument to my Heavenly Fathers work! 
Like the FIELD IS WHITE ! 
Sister ROWLEY & I prayed when we whitewashed C town to teach and baptize a family. 
and its happening! 
happy belated bday sis rowley i miss ya. 

yall the Lord is sooo good and with that i will leave you with my favorite hymn at 
the moment... how sweet thou art. 

o lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the wolds thy hands have made 
i see the stars ,i hear the rolling thunder thy pow'r thru out the universe displayed .
then sings my soul my savior god to thee , how great thou art. 

soooo goood soooo amazing HE LIVES. i know it . 
love you alll write me... 
make me a CD PLZZZ ANYBODYY.. 
i miss hillsong... 
any christian cool music is cool too 
noo romanticas... 
k thax 

When I get no letters in the mail -___-

It was Zachary's birthday. We made him a cake.
He's getting baptized May 21st with his mom and dad.

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