Tuesday, March 15, 2016

guys.... wow the mtc was real 
 it was fun .. it was real fun 
But oh boy am i glad to be out. 


First of all Peyton Manning retired??
Saw that coming. Mark Sanchez? UGH
WHATEVER. Focus Sister Sosa focus.
We woke up sooo late to report to the travel
office lol.. but not as late as some other missionaries
we actually left them there. they still made it though
Honestly the whole ride to Salt Lake was a nightmare.
I was ready to call it quits. I don't understand why they
don't make it easy and take us straight there.. Oh i know why
They want us to learn... Or something..
Well they take you on the bus drop you off at some train ..
 then to another
train and the whole time you're lugging around all your luggage and asking yourself why in the world you brought 27 skirts nooo bueno and your crying because its so cold and like 5 in the morning. and more than anything i wished the Elders from my district were there because
 they would have helped me and you're still thinking about how hard it was to say bye and how you hope they got on their plane
and how sweet little elder Quist reminded you of your little
brother :'( so we finally get to the airport check in our stuff take a
breather and wow the whole time im praying in my head for strength
because honestly there is no other way i did that alone.
My bags were soooo heavy.* Also i got most fashionable in the MTC thanks to my frenssss. ;) *
focus focus
so we get to our gate and guess we see OUR ELDERS!!!!!
TENDER MERCIES!!!! wasnt i just wishing we would see them just once more??!! they are just about to board their flight to mesa AZ. it was so great. and i dont even cry. im just so happy to see them haha.
It just shows me that my Heavenly Father is so aware of me and
knows us and knows exactly what we need to be comforted after
the storm.
LANDED IN BMORE!!! there was a bunch of turbulence on the flight so i just slept through it to not be so scared. haha. and the weather was actually a lot like california weather when we got here. as soon as we got here the pres his wife and the assistants to the presidents greeted us and helped us with our bags and drove us to the mission home.
GORGEOUS. all i wanted to do was sleep... but nope. Interviews.
My mission president and his wife are AWESOME. i got to know her a little on the car ride . we had a devotional and an amazing home cooked meal when we got there. When president interviewed me after i was done crying my eyes out(typical) -___- he asked me if i had any questions for him.. i asked him if i had to cover my tattoos. He said no. Thats who you were. And personally I didnt even notice them I know that they will help whoever you are teaching know that youre past doesnt matter. :) 

The next day I met my trainer/companion sister Rowley. Shes super cool. Its her last transfer and we found out we were serving in Charlestown West Virginia. And that we are shotguning (reopening) the area. UM HELP
We get to our townhouse and oh em gee. HUGE, scary mostly huge. its just the two of us. But the neighborhood is full of members that are so loving and welcoming. Everyone asked if i speak spanish BTW -___-
Sooo i keep getting scared that they'll change my assignment. 
The ward is so welcoming. One of the members even said " you sisters were an answer to our prayers"
Me and sister Rowley dont know why they took sisters out of charlestown but we are so happy to be here. 
we went to get gas at a 7-11 and some guy comes up to our window and was like "hey are yall selling something or what?"
we were like no were missionaries come to church tomorrow " hes like "alright"
salvation is free my friend.
we exchanged numbers and it was great. 
we are getting our house blessed tonight because well we just are... 
some days i wake up and forget were i am... im REALLY tired... Mission life is NOT easy.. but its possible. I cant stress this enough
Through Christ atonement not only can we be cleansed from our sin but we can also draw strength... i can do hard things. I can do anything, through him. I love my savior. He loves me. Im so blessed that he CHOSE ME. me stephanie. to wear his name on my heart to represent him. as i am. tattoos visable on my hands. to bring some soul to repantance. im so grateful. I LOVE YOU GUYS I MISS YOU
ALMA 29:9 i love it i live it i know it 
ps oh the poo part was i stepped on poo and i wasnt even mad cause of the miracles.. hahaha 

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