You Were Called To Be A Light To the World

Monday, April 25, 2016

Migraines be real. The weather is HOT here in THE WV. 
NOT just regular heat. But with humidity and all that. 
I can't deal. My body isn't adjusting well and I start to question 
life. Through all this ..... I've learned a few things.... 

On my birthday.. I didn't have the best day... I decided to finally hop in the bath tub
and it felt... WEIRD...  to just RELAX...we finished planning early and I had about 45 mins 
before bed so why not. But it just feels weird to just relax as a missionary. Your mind does not
stop... your always thinking about other people.. how you can help them.. 
how you can be better. What more you can do... just different things. 
I sat in the bathtub and read my birthday card from Elder Evangelista... 
and was just so grateful that I could just be still. 

A couple days later I woke up with a migraine from the heat... and other things.. and I decided it was time to get a Priesthood blessing. So the Elders came over early morning Saturday and gave me a blessing. It was exactly what I needed. At the very end... he said... you were called to be a light to the world. 

THIS WHOLE TIME... that I've woken up with a migraine and I haven't been able to be the missionary that I've wanted to be.. has KILLED ME. I've felt like I've slowed my companion down. I felt like I slowed down our teaching. It affects our studies... and I was hating myself and me getting down on myself hadn't allowed me to get better. I was working through the pain. It was awful. 

When he said that I realized that I'm human. I have a body. I'm not perfect. It will take time to adjust. I have to let myself rest when I can't. And He will take care of it. He will take care of my investigators (the people we are teaching). He will take care of me. Because it's his work, not mine. I'm just an instrument. 
That needs maintenance from time to time. 

So now I get to wear a hat when I garden -____- 
But I won't bake when I do service. 
Heavenly Father gives us these tools. 
It's up to us if we want to use them or not 
so I'll take the hat. :) 

We are teaching this amazing family. The W'S (for confidentially) 
They are on date for BAPTISM! 
They are such a blessing , and they feed us soo much when we go over. It's ridiculous. 
They have such amazing strength. They've been through so much. 
They have a daughter and she has autism and epilepsy...
I just love her 
So they just beamed when
they found out families could be together forever. 

The field is white! 


sister sosa. 

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