Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week one dragged ... Week 2 flew byyy! 
Can you believe I leave for Baltimore tomorrow morning 
I'm talking real early like...4 am. PANIC. no it's fine. 
It's gonna be alright. You know why? Because I have  learned sooooo much here. 
The MTC taught me my PURPOSE as a missionary. This place was truly a great experience for me
I laughed I cried.. I CRIED some more. Haha ya'll know me.. I'm such a baby. 
Send me tissues if you don't know what to send me. 
Um lets get real for a sec
You know that spiritual high they talk about at the MTC? It's so real. 
Theres no way to not feel it. Everywhere you go. The spirit is truly there. It hits you in the face. 
I'm not gonna lie some days were really hard.. I'd wake up asking myself what the heck 
I signed up for and why the heck am I awake at 6 am ... and why am I sharing a room with 
3 other girls that are all under the age of 20.. but on those days. I would pray... pray to know 
to truly know. My purpose. To help others come unto christ. 
Ladies and Gentlemen. This is not about me.. this is not my mission. This is his mission. 
We had a devotional on the first of the month and Elder Neilson of the 70 was the speaker and something he said really hit me.. Remember Lot's wife.. 
Now for those of you who don't know that story... Lot's wife turned back, and she was told not too...
She was told to keep looking forward. 
Now I know that if it was not for Christ atonement, I'd be a pillar of salt. Lets be honest... 
How many times have we been on the path and looked back at our old habits.. ..
I am Lot's wife. I struggle with my baggage. I look back.. the point is, from now on I will look forward or at least do my best to remember Lot's wife. 

No need to tell ya'll how much I've bonded with my district. They are just awesome people and I'm grateful for inspired MTC leaders because I know I was suppose to meet every single one of them.
Saying goodbye will be hard. I know I've gained 7 new lifelong friends.
I'm grateful for my teachers but I've learned more from these guys than I've ever learned since I've joined the church. Their testimonies built mine so much. 
Also the elders all fart in class soo thats that. 
The second day I got really sick and congested and the Elders and gave me the most beautiful priesthood blessing. #BONDEDFUREVER. 

The church is true My Savior lives and He atoned for all of us so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. 

For everyone who sent me letters and emails and and packages (COOKIES) while at the MTC thank you. I felt so loved. 
That seriously makes a missionaries day. You have no idea. I love you ALL so much 

PS. I'M SO SORRY I CAN'T UPLOAD PICS TILL I GET ON THE FIELD. The mtc computers are ... welll  holy. ;) 

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