You Were Called To Be A Light To the World

Monday, April 25, 2016

Migraines be real. The weather is HOT here in THE WV. 
NOT just regular heat. But with humidity and all that. 
I can't deal. My body isn't adjusting well and I start to question 
life. Through all this ..... I've learned a few things.... 

On my birthday.. I didn't have the best day... I decided to finally hop in the bath tub
and it felt... WEIRD...  to just RELAX...we finished planning early and I had about 45 mins 
before bed so why not. But it just feels weird to just relax as a missionary. Your mind does not
stop... your always thinking about other people.. how you can help them.. 
how you can be better. What more you can do... just different things. 
I sat in the bathtub and read my birthday card from Elder Evangelista... 
and was just so grateful that I could just be still. 

A couple days later I woke up with a migraine from the heat... and other things.. and I decided it was time to get a Priesthood blessing. So the Elders came over early morning Saturday and gave me a blessing. It was exactly what I needed. At the very end... he said... you were called to be a light to the world. 

THIS WHOLE TIME... that I've woken up with a migraine and I haven't been able to be the missionary that I've wanted to be.. has KILLED ME. I've felt like I've slowed my companion down. I felt like I slowed down our teaching. It affects our studies... and I was hating myself and me getting down on myself hadn't allowed me to get better. I was working through the pain. It was awful. 

When he said that I realized that I'm human. I have a body. I'm not perfect. It will take time to adjust. I have to let myself rest when I can't. And He will take care of it. He will take care of my investigators (the people we are teaching). He will take care of me. Because it's his work, not mine. I'm just an instrument. 
That needs maintenance from time to time. 

So now I get to wear a hat when I garden -____- 
But I won't bake when I do service. 
Heavenly Father gives us these tools. 
It's up to us if we want to use them or not 
so I'll take the hat. :) 

We are teaching this amazing family. The W'S (for confidentially) 
They are on date for BAPTISM! 
They are such a blessing , and they feed us soo much when we go over. It's ridiculous. 
They have such amazing strength. They've been through so much. 
They have a daughter and she has autism and epilepsy...
I just love her 
So they just beamed when
they found out families could be together forever. 

The field is white! 


sister sosa. 

My Life

Monday, April 18, 2016


Well I don't have much time because

today some awesome members are 
taking me and Sister Rowley to 
the battlefields. IDK what that is but it 
sounds historic. ALL of Charlestown is. 
And its spookey. Haha
Anyway, a lot of the emails I get ask me 
about what I do and how I do it. 
So I figure I should try and explain it best I can :)

6:23 ALARM GOES OFF (I h8 myself)
I do this awkward slide off my bed and I pray

6:30 we are already working out either outside 
or in our "gym" in the house. By outside, I mean 
on a walk or Sister Rowley runs around in circles around me 
while I swing on the swings (we have a playground in our neighborhood)

7:00 time to get ready, I shower EVERY MORNING. 

8:00 personal study/breakfast while we study. I like oatmeal LOL

9:00 companionship study

10:00 since I'm training, we stay in the house and do this extensive thing 
called 12 weeks (training) and watch the district (YouTube it) LOL

11:00 lunch I just got into the quesodilla making mood. 

12:00 WE ARE FREE! Usually life starts at this time. And we have appointments 
throughout the day of people who want us to come over and teach them or 
potentials who we think want us to come over and see them;) but just don't 
know it yet. 

We have dinner around 5 usually with a member of the church and we have a 
curfew of 9:00 pm unless we are in an appointment

9:00pm planning for the next day. I usually shower again at like 10 LOL 

10:30 prayer lights out bed time 

Our schedule changes on certain days. Like Mondays are our preperation days where we email and grocery shop or do fun stuff like hike or explore. till 6pm. 
On Tuesdays we have district meetings at 10 where we meet with other missonaries from our 
area and talk about who we are teaching and how we can improve and help them
I love being a missionary. It's hard ....REALLY hard. But the reward.... I can't explain. 
CANT EVEN START. The people I've met.. the miracles I've seen... 
Oh and did I mention I've started driving? Aahahaha clear the roads WEST VIRGINIA! 

I love ya'll. I hope you get a better idea of what I do ... it's hard to explain but if you REALLY REALLY WANT A BETTER IDEA... MEET WITH A LOCAL MISSIONARY;) we don't bite

Sister Sosa. 

PS... I made frozen chocolate covered bananas for my birthday tomorrow and they turned out horrible :( 

PSS. can you believe I'll be 25... I think I'm the oldest sister ON THE EAST COAST! Ok no, I'm not but feels like it lol... 

Write me. I'll write you back.

There are so many Bambis

A Gift

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sorry, I didn't write last week! We've just been so busy!
Time has just been flying! I can't even deal. Have I really been out here for almost
a FULL transfer. NO WAY.
ANYWAY. Ya'll, this is so hard.... I probably complain too much..
Let me tell you a little something about what General Conference is like when
you are on a mission. SUPER BOWL FOR MISSIONARIES!
You seriously wake up and it's like Christmas morning!
Okay for those of you who don't know what General Conference is,
it's when the leaders of our church speak every 6 months and it's broadcasted!
It's super sweet! Can we talk about how amazing President Eyring even started off
conference! When he took the pause! Me and Sister Rowley were at Mama Tyrell's
house (she's a character, we LOVE HER!) and just looked at each other and were like WHOA.
BUT seriously think about it. During this live broadcast of conference, all the saints get together
and if we are all watching all seeking... all praying TOGETHER.  We are all present with GOD.
HOW COOL IS THAT!???!!! Can't even deal! *cries* during opening prayer*
Something else conference opened my eyes to is who I am.
My identity.
Who I see myself as.
But really.
In times of trouble or in trials I should say... whats the first thing we do? PANIC.
Well I do... I start doubting.. fear... all these other things... instead of ... remembering
who I am.
I am a child of God. I have no need to fear. That should be our first response... always.

That, my brothers and sisters, is our eternal identities. We are sons and daughters of a DIVINE BEING!!!  And he WANTS to bless us!

Life isn't fair.. nope it's not. If life was fair you and I would never be resurrected. So you know what? I'm glad life's not fair. I started thanking Heavenly Father for challenges. It's something new I started doing. Because life's not fair, we have MIRACLES!
One day.. we will know why we go through what we go through.. but I can say this

One day, He will wipe away all our tears and there will be no more pain and no more sorrow and we will be with Him.
One day. Hold on to that.
Remember who you are.

These past few days I've come to find that I've been given a gift..
Some glasses, I suppose.
These glasses have given me a new perspective. Their kinda neat...
I get to meet all these people... sit in their living room .. even on their porch..
get to know them.. listen to them pray with them... teach them...
cry with them.... not judge them... LOVE them...
and I get to do all this through my Savior's eyes....
I get to see them the way Christ would.
It's a gift..... looking back at who I was a few years ago...
I don't know if  I would have been able to do this... i would be reluctant to walk into
anyones house... let alone talk to them......
Christ loved everyone... talked to everyone... healed everyone...
I have been given a gift.... even when I am not with these sweet people I meet..
I think about them throughout my day... I pray for them... I hope they are having a
good day... it's just..... they have nothing .. yet when you walk into their home. They want
to give you the world.... I cant .. my heart can't ... and if my heart can't then just imagine how
our Savior felt... when He spoke with people...
I love them. Genuinely love them
I love you all.. I miss you

I pray for you

xo xo
sister sosa.