Country Livin'

Monday, May 16, 2016

i didnt take too much time to think about
what i was going to say to you folks this week 
sorry bout it... 
but i can update you a little. 
the W fam is still on date for this saturday the 21st! 
wooot woot pray for them! 
3 out of 4 of the family member will be baptized. 
and im terrified of that happens after that because 
the finding people to teach phase is terrible... 

ALSO. sister W is an AMAZING cook 
and has been teaching me and sister botchway how to cook! 
shes seriously the best! 
i now know how to make meatloaf ! 
HOLLA AT ME  jk in 15 months mayybee
She even gave us pretty aprons as party gifts. 
ugh shes the best. 

country life in good ol' west virginia is well... 
country life... allergies are horrid. 
and i now snore... but i can cook? 
i promise next weeks update will be better? 
also we started running in the morning. 
lol that should be interesting. 
ill let you all know how long that last. 

OH also I stopped caring about the way i leave the house
because id rather have extra sleep.... 

love you , 
sister sosa. 

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